On Becoming a Conscious Entrepreneur

444_2 Creating a successful business takes more than simply running a business. It takes vision, belief, action and tenacity. Something else it takes, but isn’t often discussed, is being a conscious entrepreneur.

Being a conscious entrepreneur is about building your business from a place of integrity, values and passion.

Someone who is talking about conscious entrepreneurship is Christine Kloser. Not only does Christine talk about it, she teaches and writes about it. She has been doing so for years.

444aDo you want to be more of a conscious entrepreneur and transform your life like never before? Then read on.

You have the opportunity in THIS moment, to learn from Christine Kloser and 85 other “conscious” entrepreneurs including Marianne Williamson, Guy Finley, Marci Shimoff, Wayne Dyer and others who are here to help you make profits as an entrepreneur by integrating your spiritual wisdom with proven business strategies.

All 85 entrepreneurs are part of a very exciting book launch, The Freedom Formula, Christines newest book.

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I highly encourage you to get this book. Besides all the great gifts you will receive, you also will receive one of the most enlightening books around.

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In success,

Dr. Joe Capista


  1. The conscious entrepreneur must also consciously work to recondition his brain and adjust his/her mindset for success. Once this happens, its all about action: what you do and how efficiently you do it. A great resource for this is "The Answer" by John Assaraf. You can check out 2 free excerpts here… http://www.readtheanswer.com/index.php?RTA=web2

  2. You are so correct. As it is said, "Faith without works is dead."

    Action is so necessary.

    Great post Ron.

    Thank you
    Dr. Joe

  3. Henry Michaels says:

    Without reading the excerpt from "The Answer" or listening to the free teleseminar by Joe Capista, the concept is that the entrepreneur has to believe in him or her self and to know take action in whatever they do. Am I getting close? This sounds like a great series to take part in.

  4. Being a conscious entrepreneur is about being aware of our thoughts, beliefs and actions as they relate to all we do.

    Kathleen Gage

  5. a conscious entrepreneur has to be prepared to meet unforeseen situations well in advance.

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